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"What if a monk was so taken with the wonders of the created order that he could never focus on the duties of his religious order?”

Baby Birds

Artwork by Michael Spooner

Bugs-Up Close and Personal

The Uninvited Guest

Illuminating St. Peter

Out the Window

The Baby Coos

Stained Glass Saints

The Weight of History

Brother Thomas Maquette

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Stained Glass Designs by Aaron Deal

9th November 2013 by brotherthomas

One of the questions I’ve been asking myself for a while now is “what does stained glass look like when it animates?”  My good friend/motion graphics artist Aaron Deal has been helping me figure that out.  For the past few weeks Aaron has been working on variations for the “Madonna and Child” sequence in After Effects.

Aaron was one of our early graduates from the animation department at HU.  Aaron currently works as a motion graphics artist in Indianapolis.

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Luis Contreras

22nd September 2012 by brotherthomas

I first met Luis in 1994 when he moved to Chicago to begin teaching at Columbia College in the animation department.  We were both charged with developing core classes and it was immediately apparent that we shared the same love for story and animation. When Phil Vischer was looking for a story artist for his VeggieTales project I knew exactly the artist for the job.

Luis’ sense of character and his flair for dramatic expression comes through in the image he created for the Guest Artist Gallery.  Luis’ Brother Thomas is both older and younger than the Thomas who’s been showing up in my storyboards.  A red-haired young man, completely in the moment, breathing in the freshness of the new day.

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Promo Teaser w/Phil Vischer

11th September 2012 by brotherthomas

After weeks of creating animatics and shooting interview footage we finally cut together a teaser that gives a great taste of the film we’re trying to make.

Special thanks to my old boss and friend Phil Vischer for setting up the teaser and for providing the commentary throughout.  I initially pitched the bare-bones concept of Brother Thomas to Phil over ten years ago while working on VeggieTales.  I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to have Phil’s full support for the Brother Thomas project.

The animation in the teaser is still at the storyboard stage and at this point the drawings are only sketches.  But something happens when you cut them together with a good sound mix.  It almost feels like a movie!

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