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Color Script: Tracking the Emotional Arc of the Film

Baby Birds

Artwork by Michael Spooner

Bugs-Up Close and Personal

The Uninvited Guest

Illuminating St. Peter

Out the Window

The Baby Coos

Stained Glass Saints

Brother Thomas Maquette

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BT Puppet: Armature/Brenda Baumgarten

15th July 2015 by Steve Leeper

From a guy who’s been walking around with a rigid maquette for the past 12 years, you have know idea how satisfying it is to post these following images!


Brenda assembled this armature from existing parts that she had in her shop but you wouldn’t know it to look at it.  I gotta get me some of those spare parts. :-)

Just look at those feet!  There’s even holes to wire each and every toe!

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Body Parts II: Storm Trooper Underwear

6th July 2015 by Steve Leeper

Because Br. Thomas is rather portly there was a concern that his girth would interfere with the puppets ability to pose and bend.  Especially if he were cast as a solid block of silicone rubber.

The solution was to give Thomas a rigid set of “storm trooper underwear” that could suspend a piece of lightweight upholstery foam between his chest and hips to fill out his middle without inhibiting movement.

BT PARTS-Underware1400w

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Guest Artist/DMA Alum: Shanay Anderson

2nd July 2015 by Steve Leeper

For her contribution to the Guest Artist gallery Shanay has chosen a pivotal moment in the film.  Br. Thomas’ epiphany where he sees for the first time nature in all it’s glory.

Shanay has captured the moment beautifully!

Thomas’ gaze moves our eye upward into swirling branches with shafts of light filtering through their jewel-like leaves, coming to rest finally on the dragonfly. . . gives me goosebumps just looking at it! :-)

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