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Color Script: Tracking the Emotional Arc of the Film

Baby Birds

Artwork by Michael Spooner

Bugs-Up Close and Personal

The Uninvited Guest

Illuminating St. Peter

Out the Window

The Baby Coos

Stained Glass Saints

Brother Thomas Maquette

Latest News

Check out the latest developments to the film

The “Do” Behind the Dew Drops

20th April 2015 by Bridget Muntzing

For the fourth shot of the film (the first actual stop-motion shoot) celebrating the details in nature plays a huge part in helping to shape the world Br. Thomas lives in.  Dew drops seemed the perfect element to establish scale and that early morning feel . . . which is harder than it might first appear!

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Building a Caterpillar: Part 2

6th April 2015 by Steve Leeper

So here are some pictures that catalog the caterpillar’s progression “through the lens” of the camera.

Starting with the original storyboard image to paper mock-ups and rough models, right through to the finished puppet.

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Building a Caterpillar: Part 1

1st April 2015 by Steve Leeper

Building a caterpillar to look directly into the camera lens is tricky business.

This is also the first stop-mo shot we’ll be producing and the forth to show up in the film.  What happens in this shot sets the tone for the rest of the film.


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