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"What if a monk was so taken with the wonders of the created order that he could never focus on the duties of his religious order?”

Baby Birds

Artwork by Michael Spooner

Bugs-Up Close and Personal

The Uninvited Guest

Illuminating St. Peter

Out the Window

The Baby Coos

Stained Glass Saints

The Weight of History

Brother Thomas Maquette

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Madonna and Child-Composite Breakdown

26th February 2015 by brotherthomas

The process of Compositing is basically the layering of many images together in a way that gives absolute visual control over final look.

You can see from the progression of images below how each new layer builds on the next resulting in a rich composite of color, texture and line.   

MC02_Composite Progression220w

The really cool part is that these images actually move!  More on that later.  I did the character and line work while Aaron Deal was responsible for the color and texture, and Jeff Morice created the CG dragonfly. I’ll devoting at least couple of future posts to that process alone.

Madonna and Child-Design Progression

23rd February 2015 by brotherthomas

The above images are just some of the inspiration that went into designing the Madonna and Child sequence.

The following images show how the stained glass Madonna and Child have been evolving from my initial concept design to fully animated characters. These characters will eventually inhabit the 2- dimensional stained glass world of the film.

MC01_Post Panel1400w

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Stained Glass Designs by Aaron Deal

9th November 2013 by brotherthomas

One of the questions I’ve been asking myself for a while now is “what does stained glass look like when it animates?”  My good friend/motion graphics artist Aaron Deal has been helping me figure that out.  For the past few weeks Aaron has been working on variations for the “Madonna and Child” sequence in After Effects.

Aaron was one of our early graduates from the animation department at HU.  Aaron currently works as a motion graphics artist in Indianapolis.

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