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Brother Thomas



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In Brother Thomas
Story Boards

By Steve Leeper

Act 2 Scene 1-Good Morning World!

On 27, Oct 2011 | One Comment | In Brother Thomas, Story Boards | By Steve Leeper

If you click on the 8 panel image you can see the entire story sequence.

Finally I’m posting another scene!  The second act has been the least clear in my mind since I wrote the treatment over ten years ago.  While the rest of the plot points were fairly well developed Act 2 was pretty much a note to myself that read “insert multiple epiphanies here”.  Finally I’m getting to see what these epiphanies might look like and how each one can build into the next… but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Those panels belong to the last two thirds of the act and are still pretty rough.  With luck I’ll be posting them in a couple of weeks.

These panels are the beginning of the second act.  The cock crows to announce a new day and Br. Thomas heads off to the cathedral with the best intentions of actually getting there.  Only this morning, with his head full of distractions, it doesn’t take much coaxing from the Dragonfly to get him off the path and running through a field of wild flowers, with his new friends closely on his heels.


  1. Woohoo! I really love how this part of the story starts to open up with the deeper camera lenses and such. I especially love that last shot where he follows the dragonfly into the woods!

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