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Brother Thomas Film



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In Reference

By Steve Leeper

Cathedral Reference

On 24, Mar 2011 | One Comment | In Reference | By Steve Leeper

Thought I’d post some of my research results.  I’ve spent the last couple weeks looking for a cathedral I could begin to base Br. Thomas on.  Among all sorts of amazing imagery (that I’ll post in weeks to come) is the Wells Cathedral in Somerset England…I may just have to go and visit. 🙂   While Br. Thomas’ cathedral is much humbler than this landmark cathedral I love the Gothic elements and the sense of materials in the images I’ve posted below.  Wood, stone, and marble are still very present despite their elevated stature.  The last two images are from the Etienne Cathedral in France and the Magdalen in Italy.  Both gorgeous in their own right.

CTH-St Andrews-Wells Cathedral01_1280w CTH-St Andrews-Wells Cathedral03_1280w CTH-St Andrews-Wells Cathedral05_1280w CTH-St Andrews-Wells Cathedral06_1280w CTH-St Etienne01_850w CTH-St Magdalen01_1280w

Click on the Thumbnails to see the larger images.

If your interested in more images of the Wells Cathedral you can go here.

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