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In Guest Artists

By Steve Leeper

Guest Artist/DMA Alum: Cole Phillips

On 22, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In Guest Artists | By Steve Leeper

What could be better than staying up late and perusing your¬†sketchbook by moonlight. . . with a dragonfly on your head? ūüôā

Cole’s¬†illustration of Br. Thomas brings out the monk’s childish nature. ¬†From the look on Thomas’ face he has no idea that the sun set hours ago.

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Cole was a student in the DMA program when we were first starting out. ¬†He has always had a knack for quirky characters but it wasn’t until he stepped things up in his final year that his style really started to emerge. ¬†He started doing a drawing a day and never looked back! ¬†Watching his work continue to¬†grow and mature over the years has been super¬†exciting. ¬†

Cole Phillips is an illustrator who loves creating quirky characters and using them in comics. He particularly enjoys drawing creatures that make people laugh and cringe at the same time. He contributed to the Dead Anyway zombie comic anthology, has showcased his comics art in local galleries, and is excited to release the first issue of his unique and original coloring book, called Quacky Characters.

You can see more of Cole’s work at his portfolio site:, or his doodle blog

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