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Brother Thomas



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In Brother Thomas

By Steve Leeper

Guest Artist/DMA Alum: Shanay Anderson

On 02, Jul 2015 | One Comment | In Brother Thomas | By Steve Leeper

For her contribution to the Guest Artist gallery Shanay has chosen a pivotal moment in the film.  Br. Thomas’ epiphany where he sees for the first time nature in all it’s glory.

Shanay has captured the moment beautifully!

Thomas’ gaze moves our eye upward into swirling branches with shafts of light filtering through their jewel-like leaves, coming to rest finally on the dragonfly. . . gives me goosebumps just looking at it! 🙂

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Shanay Anderson graduated from the Digital Media Arts Animation program in 2014.  She has a love for character-based work (storyboards, designs, animation, you name it). She has experience with both 2D and 3D animation, as well as more illustrative work.

She spends most of her time time trying to learn more about various aspects of art and animation, reading books about history and science fiction, and making people cringe with horrible, horrible puns. 

You can see Shanay’s portfolio at and check out more of her work on deviantART at

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  1. Beautifully wonderful! Reminds me of when Bilbo climbs the tree in Mirkwood forest to have a look around and the beautiful sights he sees above the canopy of that terrible, dark Mirkwood.

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