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Guest Artist Gallery

Unique Images Inspired by the Story and Character of Brother Thomas

Welcome to the Brother Thomas Guest Artist Gallery.  This page showcases works done by various artist friends who bring their unique perspective to the Brother Thomas story.  Over time we will be adding more images to this page so feel free to drop by often.  If you click on the names below each image you can find out more about the contributing artists.  From there you can follow links to see more of their amazing work.


Bryan Ballinger Timothy Botts Tim Hodge
Dennis Jones Luis Contreras Gracie Klumpp
Sarah Bodnar Chad Bierdeman Cole Phillips
Shanay Anderson


Someday I hope to bind together an “Art of Brother Thomas” collection along with all of development and story art as well as behind the scene images.  For now it’s a great way for friends of the project to show their support and give the rest of us something wonderful to look at.