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Brother Thomas




In Brother Thomas

By Steve Leeper

2016 Brother Thomas Teaser!

On 20, Jul 2016 | 6 Comments | In Brother Thomas | By Steve Leeper

Introducing the 2016 promotional teaser for the Br. Thomas project!  This teaser showcases the best of what we’ve accomplished over the last couple of years and gives a glimpse of the what’s in store.

I may be a little biased but I get goosebumps just watching it. . . I hope you do too!

Special thanks to all the folks who worked to make this happen and to everyone who have patiently been moving the Br. Thomas project forward.

So Many People to Thank for Making this Possible:

This trailer would not have happened without the constant encouragement and professional expertise from my good friends Dawn and Rich Ford and Producer Paul Nethercott

Paul Nethercott: Producer

Producer Paul Nethercott (USA) has credits on films that have screened at dozens of film festivals internationally and won numerous awards. Besides acting as Producer on the Brother Thomas project, Paul is currently developing Thin Places, a documentary/VR experience capturing the power and beauty of Europe’s grand cathedral tradition.

DWF 8002

Dawn Ford: Director

Dawn is an accomplished producer and director with over 30 years in radio, television & film.  As an Associate Professor, she taught in the Digital Media Arts department at Huntington University from 2012 to 2016.  In the fall of 2016, Dawn joins the Cinema & Media Communications department at George Fox University.

Rich Ford: Editor

Rich is an Emmy Award winning film & television editor with over 30 years experience in the industry.  He specializes in documentary, educational & other long form projects for broadcast and internet distribution.


Additional credits:
Camera work by Evan Matteson
Camera and Sound Recording by Scott Louden:
Featuring story creator Steve Leeper
Special Guest: Phil Vischer
Model Maker: Rich Schiller
Art Director/Concept Artist: Michael Spooner
Stop Motion Animator: Josiah Clements

Artist’s work featured in this teaser:
Stephan Leeper: Creator/Director, Story Artist, Etc.
Abi Freeland: Color Script, Color Concept
Josiah Clements: Animation, Set Fabrication and Lighting
Nikki Leeper: Color Maquette
Jeff Morice: CG Modeling, Texture and Animation
Aaron Deal: Motion Graphics, Color and Texture
Jesse Nelson: CG Lighting
Jeff Jacoby: Sound Design/SFX
Katy Seymour: Set Fabrication
Alex Kane: 3D Scanning/Modeling

Funding & Support: Tami Leeper, Eli Lilly Foundation, Huntington University Emeriti Fund, Mariam and Bruce Dillingham



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  1. I love this project-Brother Thomas, looking great! Keep up the good work ,Steve.

    • Steve Leeper

      Thanks Jeannine! It’s so encouraging to know AIB friends you are watching. Some day there will be a pay-off. . . I promise. 🙂

  2. joe spadaford

    This is looking great. It’s just like how you told me it would be back in 02! Few people have the kind of drive you do to make a dream a reality. I tip my hat brother!

    • Steve Leeper

      Thanks Joe! That means alot coming from you. Still a long ways to go but having some shots in hand and a teaser to raise funds with is feeling pretty good. Feel free to share this around. . . . and stay tuned. I’m hoping something breaks soon.

  3. I’m so glad this project is still moving forward. Looking forward to seeing it!

    • Steve Leeper

      Thanks for the encouragement Jeri! Knowing friends like you are watching helps to keep things alive. . .that and an occasional grant. Hopefully with the new teaser, some shots completed and a new producer we can start raising some serious production funds. Feel free to send any wealthy potential patrons my way. 🙂

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