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Color Script 1: Day of EpiphaniesColor Script 1: Day of EpiphaniesColor Script 1: Day of EpiphaniesColor Script 1: Day of EpiphaniesColor Script 1: Day of Epiphanies

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By Steve Leeper

On 18, Jul 2016 | No Comments | In | By Steve Leeper

Color Script 1: Day of Epiphanies

The Color Script is a road map for the entire production.  In this scene we are tracking the act 2 where Br.  Thomas spends his day exploring the wonders of nature.


I love how the lush green is in stark contrast to the rich reddish tones of the scriptorium.


Abi Freeland has been working closely with me on color scripting the Br. Thomas film and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!  Also a huge thanks to Josh Addessi who’s been chiming in to keep us headed in the right direction.

AbiFreeland photo200w

Abi Freeland is in her final semester of animation and design in the Digital Media Arts program at Huntington University.  In her own words she is an illustrator with a passion for color!

In the past two years Abi’s work has really blossomed and her talents have been in regular demand. Besides her internship creating color scripts for Br. Thomas Abi helped with character design and character sculpting on Fire Flower project last fall and is currently creating color scripts, backgrounds and designing a billion other in game elements for a senior game production called Project Oriana.

You can find more of her personal work on Tumbler or the Project Oriana website.   

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