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By Steve Leeper

On 08, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By Steve Leeper

Bugs-Up Close and Personal

This shot was sooo much fun to build! The worm on the front end of this shot was cast from a mold made of bendy straws and the head of the caterpillar has a rare earth magnet inside that glides over a steel dome inside the caterpillar’s shoulder. For every bite the caterpillar takes Josiah had to grind away a mouth full of foamcore leaf, repaint the edge, AND animate the caterpillar. Whew! So glad to get this in the can!

Josiah Clements-Final character and FX animation, lighting and scene building assist
Katy Seymore-Scene planning
Steve Leeper-Direction, Scene building, prop and puppet fabrication, test animation and lighting

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