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The Uninvited Guest

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By Steve Leeper

On 07, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By Steve Leeper

The Uninvited Guest

In The Temptation of Br. Thomas three dimensions (stop-motion puppetry) represent the physical world that Br. Thomas lives in. The two dimensions of the stained glass scriptorium (computer graphics) serve as an icon, or window, which allows us a glimpse into the spiritual world where the Apostles, Mary, and the Christ-child reside.

In this image the stained glass Christ-child coos after the stop-motion dragonfly with his hand and for a moment these two worlds almost collide. The Celtic tradition refers to Thin Spaces where the physical and the spiritual world come close enough to touch.

This is one of the few finished concept pieces we have for the film.  It was originally conceived as a Christmas card way back in 2002.  Notice the rich colors, how the light plays off the surface of the glass, and the jewel-like quality of the dragonfly.  One can almost imagine what the rest of The Temptation of Brother Thomas might look like as a finished film!

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