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Brother Thomas




In Brother Thomas
Concept Art

By Steve Leeper

Stained Glass Designs by Aaron Deal

On 09, Nov 2013 | 4 Comments | In Brother Thomas, Concept Art | By Steve Leeper

One of the questions I’ve been asking myself for a while now is “what does stained glass look like when it animates?”  My good friend/motion graphics artist Aaron Deal has been helping me figure that out.  For the past few weeks Aaron has been working on variations for the “Madonna and Child” sequence in After Effects.

Aaron was one of our early graduates from the animation department at HU.  Aaron currently works as a motion graphics artist in Indianapolis.

Click here to read more about team that’s coming together to make The Temptation of Brother Thomas.

These three images are subtle variations on texture and color, all lending themselves beautifully to animating the characters without letting you forget their made of stained glass. We still have a ways to go but personally I’m leaning toward the first of the three.

Web Web Web

This first image is the original art I created years ago to get this conversation started.  The second is from the latest animatic version of the scene.


As you can see things have changed pretty dramatically from the first concept art.



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  1. I’m in anytime!

  2. Looks Awesome…….Missing BR. Thomas. Dreaming and praying for more development!

    • brotherthomas

      Thanks Scott! You and me both. Maybe we can arrange another road trip to get the word out. Definitely a high point on this very long journey I seem to be on.

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