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By Steve Leeper

Storyboards-Inside the Scriptorim (Part 1)

On 10, Jul 2011 | No Comments | In Story Boards | By Steve Leeper

Boarding the first act in the Scriptorium has been much more involved than I first anticipated.  Mostly because the story slows down to take in a richness of atmosphere, introduce the characters and showcase certain details in the space.  I’ve spent a lot of time working out lighting issues, exploring a graphic quality for the stained glass, and creating some depth for that atmospheric richness to play out in.  It’s a long sequence so I’ve broken it into two separate postings.

I hope to have part 2 up by the end of the week!


If you click on the 8 panel image you can see the entire story sequence.

In this first half Br. Thomas sheepishly enters the space (as he does every day) and slowly takes in his surroundings before making his way to his work table.  He takes up his pen and sets to work inking in some decorative borders to a portrait of St. Peter he’s been working on.  Peter, the St. with the oversized key, seems pleased with his likeness (Paul… not so much).  Then a buzzing breaks the concentration in the room and they all look up to find that a Dragonfly has found his way into the room and is fluttering among the colored shafts of light as they stream through the stained glass windows.  From there he flies past each of the saints and just beyond the playful grasp of the Christ-child.

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