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By Steve Leeper

Storyboards-Day of Epiphany (Part 2)

On 18, Nov 2011 | 3 Comments | In Story Boards | By Steve Leeper

Act02-Day of Epiphany-800w

Finally the moment the story has been building to. Br. Thomas finds himself face to face with the Dragonfly. . . one by one the animals join him. A moment of flurry and the Dragonfly leads them all in a celebratory romp through the hills.

The image of Thomas releasing the Dragonfly is the first picture that showed up in my head before there was ever a story to accompany it. If you’ll notice it’s the moment captured in the makette I sculpted years ago.

If you click on the 4 panel image you can see the entire story sequence.

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  1. Mike Caley

    Really enjoyed our brief chat during trustee meetings. I am delighted that you have the passion to see Christian Animators be challenged to become some of the best in story telling. Sooo needed in our world today. How much more should the followers of the master storyteller, be really good at creating/telling and animating our stories!
    Hope you make it to Grand Rapids again soon!
    Mike Caley
    Banner of Christ Church.

    • Thanks for dropping in Mike! I enjoyed our brief exchange as well. Feel free to share the Br. Thomas project with anyone you think may be interested.


  2. hey steve great job

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