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In Fabrication

By Steve Leeper

3D Replacement Masks . . . and so it begins.

On 07, Mar 2015 | No Comments | In Fabrication | By Steve Leeper

One of the coolest innovations in animated film making¬† over the last few years is the use of 3D printing to create facial expressions for stop motion puppets. ¬†With the cost of 3D printers and Scanners now in the “affordable” range, it opens up whole new possibilities for giving Br. Thomas a full range of animated expressions.

The following in a handful of images that document the initial casting process I used to get a perfect fit between a base head piece and the facial mask.


In up-coming posts I’ll be documenting the process of 3D Replacement Masks from casting the first mask directly from my original sculpture, to animating expressions in the computer, right through to the final stages of 3D printing and painting. Read more…

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