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Brother Thomas




In Brother Thomas

By Steve Leeper

The Monk Gets a Makeover

On 09, Feb 2012 | 5 Comments | In Brother Thomas | By Steve Leeper

I’m headed to Valparaiso tomorrow to start making a mold for the Br. Thomas makette.

He’s been in various stages of sculpy repair since I sculpted him over ten years ago so it’s time to immortalize him in urethane (he managed to take a fall off of our new piano only 3 days after I took the original photos of him).

After cleaning him up and giving him a new hairline, collar, hood and rope tassels he’s ready to undergo the rigors of having a mold made of him (basically drowning him in 3 gallons of silicon rubber one section at a time).  My friend Rich Schiller (master modeler/moldmaker) has generously offered to guide me through this process as apparently Br. Thomas is a fairly complicated little guy.

Stay tuned for more picture and the results.  Click on the images for a larger view.

05Makeover_Head-Bald_300w07Makeover_Head-Top_300w02Makeover_Frnt_300w 03Makeover_FullBack2_300w 04Makeover_FullSide_300w




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  1. lovely looking model, fantastic style. is everything a bake hard clay? the clothes look amazing.

    • brotherthomas

      Thanks Mark!

      The model is super sculpy. The fabric is pressed into a mold made from actual burlap. After years of putting it off I finally made a silicon rubber mold so now I have a few of these guys around.


  2. fabulous, darling, fabulous 🙂 can’t wait to see him cast!

  3. Travis

    Wow, that is really impressive! Great work!

    • I’m glad you like it Travis! The story’s been around for almost a decade but the last year or so has been a fairly steady push forward.
      Drop by anytime.


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