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In Guest Artists

By Steve Leeper

Timothy Botts

On 09, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In Guest Artists | By Steve Leeper

Tim Botts has created the second contribution to our Brother Thomas Guest Artist Gallery.

The quote is from Thomas Aquinas, 13th century monk and namesake to our central character.  Combined with Tim’s imagery they pretty much sum up the project.

Beyond their physical beauty, Tim’s images bring new layers of meaning to familiar texts and cause me to read more deeply into phrases I haven’t seen before.

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Tim Botts Is a dear friend and a long-time supporter of Brother Thomas.  After all, they have much in common.  Like Thomas, Tim is an Illuminator in the truest sense of the word.  Taking profound texts and drawing out the depth of their meaning in graphic form.

“As one who reveres the Holy Bible as God’s words, calligraphy became a natural link between my art and spirituality. During my time at Carnegie I was also influenced
by the contemporary visual expressions of faith in the works of Ben Shahn and Corita Kent.

Three years in Japan taught me the freedom of the brush and a broader understanding of space and asymmetry. My work is characterized by variety, a reflection of my observation of nature. The frequent joy comes from my personal experience with the gospel of Jesus.

Imaginative appropriateness sums up what I have learned from my experience in publishing. I’m always trying to come up with fresh ideas which get right to the heart of the message.”

You can see of Tim’s beautiful work on his website at

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