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Brother Thomas



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In Brother Thomas

By Steve Leeper

Brother Thomas-Happy Dance!

On 21, Nov 2010 | One Comment | In Brother Thomas | By Steve Leeper

This is an image I’ve taken from the story beats for a short film I want to make called The Temptation of Brother Thomas.   The real title for the image is The Procession but “Happy Dance” does a better job of capturing my immediate mood.  I recently found out that I received the Research Fellowship Grant from Huntington University which will allow me up to a year (along with some cash) to develop Brother Thomas into a completed film concept.

Development includes exploring old cathedrals and illuminated manuscripts as well as other artifacts from Church history.  I will also be investigating stop-motion and digital graphic techniques, and doing a whole lot of drawing in the next 12 months.   Some friends have stepped up to help out in story development and visual design so I’m thinking that a year from now we’ll have a great package to take on the road…so to speak.   I will also be using this time to research funding options that can help get this little guy up on a screen.



  1. Congratulations, man! You know I’m here for you should you need any help whatsoever. Until then, happy FILMMAKING!!

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