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In Fabrication

By Steve Leeper

Dragonfly: Bead Sculpt to 3D Graphics

On 02, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In Fabrication | By Steve Leeper

The image above is composited from an actual bead dragonfly ornament that I created when I sculpted the original Br. Thomas makette. 

There’s something about the properties of glass beads that enhance the jewel-like quality of the dragonfly while still allowing his character to come through. Trying to animate him is a completely different matter.  This is where Computer Graphics (CG) come in.

The images below help to map out the transition from glass and porcelain to computer graphics.  CG Artist Jeff Morice has done a fantastic job of bridging the two media seamlessly.

D_FLY01t_Bead to CG-Modeling

Fumbling around with a miniature glass bead sculpt on a stop-motion set could never translate the beauty and character that needs to be embodied in the Dragonfly.  So while all other aspects of Br. Thomas’ dimensional world will be fabricated from real materials the Dragonfly needs to be recreated in 3D computer graphics to give us the control we need for animation, lighting, etc..

You can see just how meticulous this process can be.  On every level Jeff has managed to replicate the original bead sculpture perfectly.  The next step is to make this guy animate!


Jeff Morice


CG Artist/Animator

As you can see from his work on the dragonfly, Jeff pays incredible attention to detail and has an eye for subtle motion and beauty. All that and he’s REALLY good with technology.  All of this is on display in his animation reel and his beautifully animated short The Prince of Margo.

Keep an eye out for more posts on Jeff’s work as he’s been animating the dragonfly!




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