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Brother Thomas




In Brother Thomas
Story Boards

By Steve Leeper

More Storyboards-Entering the Cathedral

On 08, Jun 2011 | 10 Comments | In Brother Thomas, Story Boards | By Steve Leeper

So this is the space Br. Thomas walks through every day on his way to work.  If you can’t tell from the images (but I hope you can) he feels a little out of place in such a beautiful and austere environment.

The challenge for me in these boards has been to establish a somber tone to the scene and create an almost overwhelming expansiveness to the space.  I really want Br. Thomas to feel small and insignificant in the shear weight of all the beauty, history and religiosity.  Light and shadow have a lot to do with this as well.  The church fathers are merely stone monuments but for Thomas the long shadows they cast only serve to increase his already heightened sense of not belonging.

If you click on the 8 panel image you can see the entire story sequence.



  1. Matt

    I feel tiny looking at these pictures. Shadows, pillars, doors, and everything just put forth power in these shots. I love the work.

    • Thanks Matt! That’s exactly what I’m going for. The fun part will be building real sets that cast real shadows to pull of the same sense of scale….that’s the plan anyways.

  2. Jesse

    I like them a lot! Especially where he’s walking past the statues. Did you do these digitally, then?

    • I scan thumbnails from my sketchbook and rework them in photoshop with the Cintiq. It’s a good workflow if I can keep from getting drawn too far into details. Though I find I’m doing more art direction than storyboarding in the scriptorium these days.

  3. I like how insignificant Br. Thomas (one of the most significant theologians in church history) appears in the story. One wants to follow him up the stairs to see where it goes. The imagery is both dramatic and compelling. Nice work.

  4. Thanks Hannah,

    Metaphorically they carry a lot of weight in the story. Working in tones like this (essentially working in light and shadow) has been a huge step in helping me understand the space.

  5. nice. I love the cast shadows from the statues.

  6. That should read better Michael… at least for now. Thanks!

  7. Michael Spooner

    Steve, is the first panel to suggest an up-shot on the door with Bro. Thomas looking up? Or are we looking down. I’d like to enlarge the scale of the door to fit with the 2nd panel up or down.

    • I guess it is a little ambiguous. I could drop the camera down a bit and reduce Thomas. I hadn’t really noticed how different they were until you pointed it out. Did you click on the 8 panels for the full version?

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