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By Steve Leeper

Opening Scene

On 13, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Story Boards | By Steve Leeper

So this is how the film opens.   We follow the dragonfly as he makes his way around the cathedral steeple and down into the lush pastures filled with wild flowers and rich with insect life. We finally settle at the base of a fence post and slowly raise the camera to find a rooster just getting ready for his morning crow to wake the countryside.

To see the full page of story panels in a larger image click here.

Because Br. Thomas will be a stop-motion film all of these elements will need to be made from different kinds of materials.  Flowers, insects, clouds, and even the rooster….

You can see all of the completed storyboardl together in on place by clicking here.


Bugs-Up Close and Personal
Br. Thomas’ fascination with creation is central to the theme of the film. Showing life at a macro view in these opening scene sets up a kind of visual overture, foreshadowing the richness of creation that Br. Thomas will discover for himself later on.

Animated storyboards used to previsualize the finished film.


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