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In Concept Art

By Steve Leeper

Scriptorium Design: The Grand Mural

On 15, Mar 2015 | No Comments | In Concept Art | By Steve Leeper

A major design element in the film is the “Grand Mural” that is eventually unveiled in the final scene.  It is the major source of light in the scriptorium and central to the look and feel of the room.


This first image is my original drawing of the Madonna, the Christ child and the stained glass saints as Br. Thomas encounters them in his daily routine.


This second image is concept art by my friend Michael Spooner.  Not only does Michael’s drawing open up the space cinematically but it also gives us an idea of how the final unveiling will eventually effect the interior space of the scriptorium. 


The above image is only a rough design by Michael.  While the final design is still a ways off the drawing above gives us a taste of how the final mural will incorporate scale, rhythm and symmetry as a way to celebrate all aspects of Creation into the “Grand Mural”.  Did I mention that it will be animated as well!


You can read about Michael Spooner and his contribution to Br. Thomas on my People page and see more of his drawings for the film here.




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