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In Fabrication

By Steve Leeper

3D Masks Part 3: 3D Laser Scanning

On 13, Mar 2015 | One Comment | In Fabrication | By Steve Leeper

Getting the physical castings of the Br. Thomas’ mask and head base into the digital environment is the job of our 3D laser scanner.  Looks very sci-fi doesn’t it?

BT_ScanThmb2-225w copy

Once fully scanned into the digital environment budding CG Artist/Technician Alex will have to retopologize the mesh.  That’s CG geek talk for rearranging the wireframe from a strict honeycomb-like structure into something that will facilitate bending and sculpting for our animated expressions. . . but that’s at least a whole other post.


More about Alex at the end of this post.

Alex Kane

Alex is only a sophomore in our Digital Media program at HU but has already in the past year has become our go-to student in the 3D Scan/Print side of things.  Br. Thomas is definitely putting him through his paces.

Alex has been the interning with me to fill in the gaps between our 3D Printer, CG animation and stop-motion puppets.  I’m pretty certain his name will be showing up in lots of Br. Thomas posts in the future. 🙂

You can see more of his work online at Deviantart and Patreon.


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  1. This is amazing! Excited to see this happening.

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