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In Scene Set-up

By Steve Leeper

Up Close and Personal: Evolution of a Macro Set for Stop Motion

On 20, Mar 2015 | No Comments | In Scene Set-up | By Steve Leeper

Over the past few weeks Katy Seymour and I have been working in front of the camera with plastic plants, paper cut-outs, and a variety of materials to pull off the feel of macro photography.


The film opens with a handful of super close-up nature shots to give a heightened sense of detail, making us feel like everything is magnified x10.


Read about Katy below and pick up more on our process by clicking on the production images.



Katy is one of the artists/animators in our junior class in the DMA department that keeps everyone else on their toes.  Not only is she an extremely talented character designer, she animates in virtually any medium you throw at her, she fabricates stop motion puppets and does some killer 3D.  You can see more of Katy’s work on Instagram and Facebook.     

This is pretty much how the process started.  Katy cobbled together whatever fake foliage we had in stock, tacked up some scaled print-outs from the story boards and put a camera to everything.


After that we refined our lens choice, set up lights and started replacing and rearranging the set pieces until we got the look and feel of the original boards.  I can’t show you the finished insects because they’re still being fabricated but trust me, they’re looking awesome . . . and I’ll talk about those dew drops in another post. 🙂




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