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In Brother Thomas

By Steve Leeper

Madonna and Child-Design Progression

On 23, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Brother Thomas | By Steve Leeper

The above images are just some of the inspiration that went into designing the Madonna and Child sequence.

The following images show how the stained glass Madonna and Child have been evolving from my initial concept design to fully animated characters. These characters will eventually inhabit the 2- dimensional stained glass world of the film.

MC01_Post Panel1400w

The original design uses primitive characters with simple lines, deep tones and rich colors to set up a contrast between the ancient glass and the playful gesture of the Christ-child.   The following images track the progression from a self-contained still to a design that also serves the broader implications of story, character and animation, while hopefully retaining at least some of the power from the original image.

A big thanks to my friend Aaron Deal whose technique and artistry helped this transition to happen.  You can read a little more about the process here.  You can also find more of Aaron’s work on the website for his new media partnership with Roots-Creative at


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