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Scene Set-up

The “Do” Behind the Dew Drops

On 20, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Scene Set-up | By Bridget Muntzing

For the fourth shot of the film (the first actual stop-motion shoot) celebrating the details in nature plays a huge part in helping to shape the world Br. Thomas lives in.  Dew drops seemed the perfect element to establish scale and that early morning feel . . . which is harder than it might first appear!

BUGS_Dew Drop1400w


To find the right look, a lot of exploration took place.  The first material used as “dew” was museum wax… but the hot lights on the set melted that away over time.


Next, clear casted droplets were put to the test, but the imperfections didn’t reflect the light properly.  DEW4_1400w

Finally, tiny glass beads lightly glued to the leaves with clear silicone (bath tub caulk) and touched with a dab of glycerin did the trick, serving as the perfect dew drop that welcomes in the morning.


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